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News Updates

    04/19/06 - Sorry that its been so long since the last update, but frankly, there hasn't been that much to tell. Sherry and I are restructuring so as to eliminate the need for other musicians. If there is one thing constant in the music biz, it's the continual setbacks of trying to find musicians that can work well together and have a singular vision. Not to mention, compatible work schedules. For those bands that have achieved even a small measure of this, thank your lucky stars!
    So, in order to be relieved of other peoples "issues" and work schedules, we have decided to do as much as we can ourselves. While this creates far more flexibility, it requires a hell of a lot more work. We have about 15 songs in various stages of completion and, with any luck and a lot of persistence, should have some of them up on the site within a couple of months. I would really like to be out playing some gigs but unfortunately, I do not see that happening any time soon. When we are ready though, we should have the flexibility to play as a duet and sound like a full band or with one, two or three etc. other musicians. Whomever might be willing or able to play on any given night and still have the full band sound. We will be extremely happy at that point of having to rely on no one. So until then, thank you for your continued patience and keep looking for the new material. It should be ready shortly!
    08/13/05 - WOUR is now playing "Rainy Days" on the Local Exposure program. Please call and request it. It first aired on 07/24. Late on posting info here. But, as they say, better late than never!
    06/25/05 - Well, sadly we lost our rhythm section and are now in need of a drummer and bassist. If you are interested in predominantly performing originals, please apply as soon as possible. Just email us and we will set up an audition.
    06/12/05 - We now finally have some more pictures on the site. Many thanks to Chris Attridge for spending time to do a photo op with us. Chris is available to do photos if you need them. Just drop me an email and I will put you in touch with Chris. Don't forget, next Saturday the 18th, we are playing at the Electric Company on Varick street in Utica. We are looking forward to seeing you there ready to ROCK and in style sporting some of that cool Emerald Flare gear!
    06/07/05 - You can show your support for Emerald Flare. A link for purchasing EF merchandise is available at the top of the page.
    05/18/05 - Added a message board! Leave and share comments with other Emerald Flare Band fans. Link is at the bottom of the page. Also, please call WOUR to request our song "Warning Signs" which is on rotation Sunday nights on Local Exposure.
    04/12/05 - I'm excited to report that our song, Warning Signs, had it's debut radio play on WOUR's Local Exposure show on Sunday April 10th. PLEASE CALL WOUR AND REQUEST IT! Tune in on Sundays between 10 & 11pm to hear it on rotation as well as other talented local area artists original music. It's nice to hear some of the long gone local artists I use to see in the clubs in the late 70's. Remember the Frogs at the Loft with their song Let it Slide! Oops! showing my age! Love it! Also, don't forget our first gig is June 18th at The Electric Company!
    03/22/05 - Finally have our first gig lined up! June 18th at the Electric Company!! Details on the schedule page. Hope to see ya there!!!!!
    02/25/05 - Added Venues link to Schedule page. Added The Big Man, Warning Signs & Dark Clouds to the Sound Bytes page! Check them out!
    02/10/05 - Added full version demo of Work Week Blues.
    01/04/05 - Happy New Year all!! I hope everyone had as nice a holiday as our family. Added full version demo of City Lights. Enjoy!
    12/30/04 - Added a full version demo of Rainy Days to Sound Bytes page. Check it out!!! It is the first demo to include all present band members.
    12/02/04 - Steve's Bio now posted!
    11/12/04 - Our new bass player, Steve Troutman, is working very hard to learn the material so we can finally get out on a regular basis. Due to major computer problems recording has come to a screeching halt. I have done major computer upgrades and we should be back on track shortly. With any luck, we can get the first CD completed. As always stay tuned.
    10/04/04 - Mikes Bio finally posted!
    09/28/04 - We finally have some pictures up on the pictures page. The photo's are of our first gig at the 3rd annual pig roast held by Mel and Rachel Sanns. As always, it was a great time and the food and drink were excellent. It was unfortunate that more people did not come out and enjoy the FREE festivities. Last years crowd was bigger and the weather was far worse. Go figure. That being said, the people who did show had a great time and had 3 bands to entertain them.

    There are many people Sherry and I would like to thank for their time, effort and support of our band. Mel & Rachel Sanns, the hosts - You throw a great party. We are certainly looking forward to next year! Marty and Mary Nicolette - Thanks for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to share the stage with Lickity Split, the band Marty drums with. BTW, You guys played awesome! Dan Anthony, our sound man we share with Lickity Split. He worked hard for 3 bands and no complaints. Jenn Marro, who took the pictures and is now the official Emerald Flare Band photographer. And last but certainly not least, the Emerald Flare Band members (you know who you are). Thanks guys for all your hard work, sacrifice, dedication and most of all, your sense of humor. Your a great crew!! Special thanks to Rick DeJohn who graciously sat in on bass and did a splendid job, while our most recent member Steve Troutman, takes over the bass lines. I hope this made sense. It's late, and I gotta get up for work. Goodnight all.
    09/20/04 - The benefit pig roast on the 25th is being held at a pavilion on route 365. If you live in Utica, Rome or the Valley area you need to head North on route 365. Signs will be posted. It is just passed a Nice "N" Easy on the left. Mel and Rachel hold this every year and anyone who has been to one previously can tell you it is a fun time. The food is excellent. By the way, they do ask that you bring a dish of your favorite recipe as they bear the cost of the pig and the grounds. Besides, it sure makes for a fantastic variety of food! We will start playing at around 1:00pm. Hope to see ya there!!
    08/04/04 - I am happy to say recording has now been in full swing since the the first of the month. Base tracks are being laid down and hopefully the CD will be done in a few weeks. Although we are still searching for a bass player we are ready to play out. We plan on playing a pig roast benefit on the 25th of September for a 6yr old. Details on schedule page with location to be announced. BASS PLAYERS - ALL WE NEED IS YOUR PARTS! Are there any out there in the Utica Rome area? We get responses to our adds but they all seem to be at least 2 hours away. If you are creative and can play, please email me ASAP!

    06/17/04 - It's official. Mike Chandler is now Emerald Flare's drummer. Mike, at 24, is an excellent hard hitting drummer.Welcome aboard!! We are still in need of a bass player. If interested please email me ASAP!

    04/05/04 - Great News! WOUR radio is going to increase their support for local musicians by airing their original compositions on Sunday nights. The show will be called Local Exposure! Local bands, start your engines - Yeah Baby!

    03/05/04 - Removed the Syracuse and Albany Bands links on the Cool Links page. Sad day. They closed their doors February 12th. They were an excellent resource for the area bands and will be greatly missed.

    01/18/04 - Added a Cool Bands link on the Cool Links page. These are some bands that we think you will enjoy. Try it, you'll like it!

   01/12/04 - Well, I added Work Week Blues to the Sound Bytes page. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it. I must say I was not entirely happy with the recording. It was done very quickly to try and meet a contest deadline (In fact, all the songs were). But, I felt the drum sound was not up to snuff so it was never sent in. It almost has a live recorded sound to it.

     11/08/03 - I would like to say thanks to Mark Bolos from Big Apple Music for putting on a great workshop/clinic at their store on Thursday the 6th. Mark hosted Chris Proctor , the national finger-style champion, to show us lesser guitar players how to do it. And, boy did he. Chris is a phenomenal player. If you weren't one of the approximately 50 people there, you missed a great clinic.

     If you have never been to a workshop, I suggest going to one. They are geared to teach, so you can ask questions. If you have a great host like Mark, there is even FREE drawings for cool gifts like shirts, hats, strings and Cd's. Mark had made sure that no one went away empty handed! Did I mention he had refreshments! It's no secret to us that like to shop at Big Apple Music that they are a great group of individuals who support the local music community. If you have not done so already, check the store out. Big Apple has just undergone an expansion.

     Anyway, after the show I asked Chris some questions and purchased his latest CD and instructional 80 minute video. I had every confidence after seeing Chris's workshop that his video would not be disappointing in his ability to transfer, in an understandable manner, his finger-style techniques. I was correct, and suggest to anyone who is looking to expand their playing horizons to get this tape. Chris is an excellent teacher. By the way, did I say that I had a great time? Until the next update...

     Dan, the webmaster.

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